March 2019 Newsletter

Happy March everyone! We hope you are having a great year so far! We’ve finished our last round of pigs and chickens on THIS farm, and as much as we love having all of them here with us, we are also relieved to have a bit of a break before we move onto our new property!

With that said, we will have limited stock until we really ramp up production later this year, but as always email us to see what we have for you! As we mentioned in the newsletter, this will be our last posting here until we are moved onto the new property. In the meantime, make sure you are keeping up with us on our various social medias, which are linked at the bottom of this page!

We also added some recipes for you to make your very own chicken stock! Once you try this recipe (well there’s two versions, so I guess it would be “recipes”) you will never buy chicken stock or bouillon from the store again! Check them out on the “Recipes” tab at the top of the screen now!