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Welcome to the Edge of Nowhere! Your source for local, ethically raised meats and seasonal fruit.

Our Growing Philosophy

Everything we do here on the farm comes down to this, being healthy and full of life! From our trees to our animals to the farmers that raise them, optimal health is our goal. We strive to be as healthy as we can and it starts with what everyone (or everything) eats. Our goal of being healthy is what we want to extend to our customers, because for many people, access to home grown, truly healthy food is simply not a reality. That’s where we come in!

Fruit Trees

A look through our Orcahrd in the Fall

Our trees are critical to the health of the farm. Varieties are chosen to excel in our environment and planted to ensure they have enough space to reach their full potential. We use wood chips extensively to help nurture the soil to become a vibrant home to beneficial organisms that live symbiotically with the trees and wildlife that depend on them for life. When we fertilize our trees we use organic methods proven to supply the tree with nutrients as well as the bugs and beneficial microorganisms that call the farm home. In return, these bugs feed our trees even further which makes for amazing fruit you simply cannot buy in the store.


Broiler Chickens

Our broiler chickens arrive on the farm at about 3 days old! They’re immediately placed in our brooder and that’s where the farmer’s work begins. Little chicks are defenseless and need constant care. Our brooder is set up on our patio so we can check in on them constantly. From cleaning “Pasty Butt” to using our "chickee ICU" for last ditch efforts to save chicks that are struggling, we do everything we can to treat each individual as humanely as we can.

Once they’re 2 weeks old we graduate them to a chicken tractor on our pasture where they spend the next week growing together with less heat until they are ready to be separated into unheated tractors. From there they scratch for bugs, eat grass and devour a Non-GMO Corn/Soy free feed until they’re big enough to graduate (usually at about 8 weeks).

We don’t take butchering chickens lightly. They’ve been treated humanely until this point and we continue that with our processing of the animals. This is one reason we process here on the farm, we want our animals to be treated with respect until they’re final moment. We are literally there with them from day 3 to their last.

Our Broiler Chickens at 4 weeks on pasture


First day on the Farm

First day on the Farm


See how we raise our chickens here!

If you’ve never been around pigs, well, let’s just say you’re missing out! They’re fun to watch because they’re so playful and full of life. They eat like there’s no tomorrow and as soon as they can smell you coming they are right under your feet waiting for, well, more food of course! Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for bacon, we couldn’t bring ourselves to call them food!

Our pigs get a Non-GMO feed ration, with limited soy, and plenty of table scraps mixed in. While the feed ration is vegetarian based, we do feed our pigs meat. YES MEAT! They’re omnivores and in the wild would eat anything they can get their mouths on and this includes a wide range of wild animals. We don’t deny them this instinct, but we do limit it to our pasture raised chicken. We ensure it’s always cooked first, but the pigs eat chicken every week and they LOVE IT! Does it change the way the pork tastes? You bet! It’s amazing!!