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Pasture Raised Chicken

We take pride in raising soy free and corn free, pasture raised chicken. They're soy free because of the potential negative side effects of soy on hormonal balance in both men and women. If you're not sure what the fuss is about, Google "Soy Hormones" and decide for yourself if it's worth the risk. BTW, organic chicken that does not say "soy free" is raised almost, if not exclusively, on soy and corn. That just ain't natural folks...


Farm Raised Pork

Oink Oink! Our piggies love rolling around in the mud, playing and running around with each other, and just being pigs! We also take pride in the respect and love we show our pigs. This includes giving them the best types of food we can; from Non-GMO grain, to fruits & veggies, to pasture raised chicken. Yup, they eat meat! They're Omnivores, that's what they're designed to eat, and SUPPOSED to eat. You won't find that in your "Natural" store-bought pork.